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Paralegal Cafe
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NFPA, NALA, NALS.... Opins please? 
18th-Mar-2009 10:16 am
I am looking into working towards my national certification as a paralegal.  All these organizations offer memberships and testing/certification:

1.  NFPA    2.  NALA   3.  NALS

What are your opinions of these organizations as a whole?    Are you a member?     Did you complete their Paralegal Certification?     Have you completed more than one certification?
23rd-Mar-2009 08:37 pm (UTC) - NALS Paralegal Certification
Dear Curious,

I have been a member of NALS for over 30 years and currently serve as its Certification Director. I have taken the NALS PLS and PP exams, and NALA’s CLA exam.

NALS is a very inclusive association. Its members are very loyal to the association, and its members excel at providing support for other legal professionals. Mentoring and networking are very important. NALS offers online education, as well as education at the local, state, regional, and national levels.

I am especially partial to the NALS exams because I know that they are kept current and relevant to our profession. Every time a reference to the exam is updated, the exam itself is updated. The two major references are updated every other year. Check out the NALS.org website for a list of references and a comparison chart with other paralegal certifications. http://www.nals.org/certification/compchart.html

NALS is celebrating its 80th year in providing support to its nationwide membership of legal professionals through education, professional development, certification, and networking. NALS offers three professional certification exams: a basic exam (ALS), an advanced exam (PLS), and a professional paralegal exam (PP).

NALS is dedicated to enhancing the competencies and contributions of members in the legal services profession. NALS accomplishes its mission and supports the public interest through continuing legal education and resource materials; networking opportunities at the local, state, regional, and national levels; commitment to a Code of Ethics and professional standards; and professional certification programs and designations.

Kathy Cline, Certified PP, PLS, CLA
Rapid City, South Dakota
1st-Nov-2010 07:16 pm (UTC)
Well, the wide population doesn't know much about these organizations, I can see now why, they are quite selective with their members. I wonder if my typing courses would help me stand a chance to any of these organizations...
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